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Guide to Biogas - From production to use

Guide to Biogas

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This Guide is designed to close any existing gaps in knowledge and to escort potential plant operators and other involved parties through the various planning phases of a biogas project through to project realisation. The Guide is intended to MOTIVATE the reader to determine what opportunities are locally available and to examine whether and in what way he or she can contribute to recovering the energy contained in biogas. The present document is further intended to INFORM. To this end, it provides prospective plant operators and other parties interested in utilising the energy potential of biogas with all the required information from a single source. The Guide also presents the appropriate resources with which to EVALUATE a project idea. It delivers the tools required for a critical examination of a promising project idea in relation to its suitability for profitable implementation. A further object of the Guide is to furnish the reader with the knowledge and decision-making aids with which to REALISE a project idea to supply energy from biogas.

E-Book, 232 S.

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